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Catalogue of Walks

We have built, and continue to build, a catalogue of walks with .pdf maps. they are all detailed and listed below with very brief details of the walks. The title of the walk is the link to a detailed map, or below the title where the map has had to be divided into two or three .pdf files.

2012 Walking Festival

Annanwater Hall to Hartfell via Caves, Well and Arthur's Seat |
8 miles/13 km - Strenuous - 5 hours
From Annan Water Hall, follow road to Newton Farm and on to Newton Caves used by Arthur and Merlin. Traverse two fields continuing up to Arthur's Seat with stunning views, then on to Hartfell. Return by Arthur's Seat, Newton Fell and down to Hartfell Spa, then back along the new track and back to Annan Water Hall.

Breconside - Wintergill Head - Bellcraig Linn
Breconside - Wintergill Head - Bellcraig Linn
7 miles/11 km. - Strenuous - 4 hours
The walk starts at Breconside with a steep climb to Wintergill Head and return via Bellcraig Linn to Breconside, passing the Devil's Footmark.

Chapel Farm - Roman Road to Braehead - return via Old Edinburgh Coach Road to Meikleholmside
10 miles/16 km - Strenuous - 5 hours
A moderate climb from Chapel Farm along a Roman Road. Exit onto the A701 and return via Ericstane Farm/Meikleholmside (an old coaching route).

Dumcrieff to Crofthead via the Southern Upland Way, returning via Craigbeck Rig to Craigbeck
10 miles/16 km - Strenuous - 6 hours
Follow the Southern Upland Way on forest track to Crofthead, climb track over Crofthead Hill and use the route to Craigbeck. This walk affords good views of Moffat.

(Circular walk starting at) Glenochar by the Lowther Hills
10 miles/16 km - Strenuous - 6 hours
Steep climbs in the Lowther Hills and at Glenochar, climbing to Pedon Head, returning via Dun Law, White Law and Laurie Wood Law.

(Circular walk from) Moffat via Swatte Fell, Blue Cairn, Greygillhead and return to Moffat
10.5 miles/17 km - Strenuous - 6/7 hours
Walk starts in Moffat, follows Well Road to Blaebeck and from there follows the track to the base of Swatte Fell and on to the Birnock Cloves and the top of Swatte Fell. The return journey is via Blue Cairn, Greygillhead, the Gallow Hill and return to Moffat.

St. Mary's Loch to Traquair
St. Mary's Loch to Traquair - start section | St. Mary's Loch to Traquair - Centre section | St. Mary's Loch to Traquair - end section
13 miles/21 km. - Strenuous - 7 hours
An interesting walk along part of the Southern Upland Way in the Scottish Borders. The walk starts at the Glen Cafe then follows the loch along its southern bank to the end where you cross the main road. The next section provides the opportunity to visit Dryhope Tower and Blackhouse Tower before climbing along the Border hills, past Blakemuir and then drop down to Traquair, the end of the walk.

Tibbie Shiels to Bodesbeck start - Tibbie Shiels to Bodesbeck middle - Tibbie Shiles to Bodesbeck end
14 miles/22 km - Strenuous - 7.5 hours
Following the route of the Southern Upland Way as far as potburn and return to Bodesbeck in the Moffat Water Valley. This wal includes some steep climbs.

Devil's Beeftub into Moffat using the Annandale Way
5 miles/8 km - Moderate - 4 hours
Walk to the start at Corehead Farm close to the Devil's Beef Tub. Look at archaeology/points of interest along the way and the changes at Corehead Farm - ponds, native trees and the orchard. Back to the Town Centre using the Annandale Way and riverside. Easy walking with some slopes at Corehead.

Elvanfoot to Wanlockhead
Elvanfoot start - Elvanfoot finish
8.5 miles/14 km - Moderate - 5 hours
From the village of Elvanfoot, follow an old railway track to Henshaw Burn then via Toddle Knowe to South Shortcleuch. Farm track to North Shortcleuch and then follow former railway track over open moorland to Leadhills and Wanlockhead.

Fruid Reservoir to the Devil's Beef Tub via the Crown of Scotland and Chalk Rig Edge
Fruid Reservoir start - Fruid Reservoir finish
8 miles/13 km - Moderate - 4.5 hours
Steep climb over Carthope Rig to Crown of Scotland and return via Beef Tub with excellent view2 of Moffat

Menzion Valley walk in Tweedsmuir
9 miles/15 km - Moderate - 5 hours
This walk follows the Silver Jubilee Road around the Menzion Valley in Tweedsmuir and affords good views of Tala and Fruid Reservoirs.

Parks - Dumgree Church - Annandale Way - Moffat
Parks Start - Parks Finish
8.5 miles/14 km. - Moderate - 5 hours
The walk starts at the Edwardsrig Plantation and follows road to Park Farm then farm track up to remains of Drumgee Church (12th Century) and old graveyard. From there to Park Hill (250m) on open hillside to site of Iron Age Fort. Pick up Annandale Way past Stanshielrig and the "Crooked Road" before returning to Moffat on the Southern Upland Way.

The Marches Walk starting at Glenholm Wildlife Centre
6 miles/10 km. - Moderate - 4 hours
Walk through Glenholm Valley south of Broughton over tracks and fields and open hillside. Two short climbs.

(Circular walk from) Gallow Hill up to Granton House and returning to Moffat via the Annandale Way
7.5 miles/12 km - Easy - 4 hours
Initial walk around Gallow Hill to its northern exit, then follow the Archbank Belt along the hillside and drop down to Granton House. Return to Moffat via the Annandale Way along the bank of the River Annan. The total climb is around 200m.

Lochwood Oaks to Moffat on the Annandale way and Southern Upland Way
Lochwood Oaks start - Lochwood Oaks finish
8 miles/13 km - Easy - 4 hours
This walk takes you from Lochwood Oaks via Park Bridge, Cauldholm, Weatherlaw Knowe and Stainsheilrig to Crooked Road and on to Moffat. Vrom Lochwood Tower it goes to Park Bridge and Kinnel Water on the Annandale Way and returns via the Southern Upland Way to Beattock and Moffat.

(Circular walk around) Moffat's boundaries
6 miles/10 km - Easy - 3 hours
Frenchlands - Jenny's Stone - Alton Road - Old Mill Cottage - Gallow Hill - The Hope - Adamsholm - Watersides - Station Park.

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